Client: Pariz Shargh Co. – 2016

Address: Corner of Golshan and Haft-e-Tir St., Mashhad, Iran

Project Specifications: Golshan Commercial-Authoritative Tower is built up in a field of 4100 m2 area to include 50000 m2 of building area in 33 floors including 300 commercial units (floors -1 to 3), 140 authoritative units (floors 5 to 28) and parking lots (floors -2 and -4). The tower presents an ideal environment for authoritative offices as well as an attractive, enjoyable place for shopping and pleasure. When designing the building, the architects had in mind the world-grade standards and idealities of a place combining business, pleasure, and comfort.

Solution: Armitaj Tower is a landmark in an uptown specific neighbourhood in which the comfort of the visitors and dwellers is always of prime importance. Thus, the balanced, stable, and autonomous working of its HVAC system were the main criteria in designing. Moreover, grand projects like this need HVAC systems with ease and simplicity in commissioning and maintenance in order for less time and effort to be taken from HVAC engineers and technicians. The ultimte solution which satisfies all the aformentioned requirements is to utilize pressure independent control valves (PICV) for terminal units in conjunction with manual balancing valves for the risers and main branches, in that tha latter facilitates precise measumement of pressure differential and troubleshooting during commissioning and maintenance. Therefore, we suggested retrofitting 1566 pcs of FRESE OPTIMA Compact PICVs and 15 pcs of FRESE STBV FODRV, the implementation of which has brought perfect satisfaction to the client, dwellers, and visotors of the building. In addition, 1960 pcs. of FRESE Ball Valves and 1262pcs. of FRESE Strainer Ball Valves were provided for this project.

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