Underfloor Speed Chiller

with PICV control – single circuit


The room temperature is controlled by a room thermostat connected to the PICV actuator.

The temperature from the primary circuit is lowered by a heat injection circuit down to a maximum of 30°C.

Due to the slow response time of an underfloor heating system, it is normally controlled by a weather compensated room controller with an outside sensor.

The control characteristic will normally be linear.


  •         The PICV ensures balancing of the flow and eliminates the use of both static balancing valves and differential pressure control valves.
  •         Simple installation as only the PICV is required with no need for additional pressure or flow balancing valves.
  •         Low total pressure loss in the system due to simple design.
  •         The flow can be set directly on the PICV without the need of a manometer or a commissioning unit.


  •         Minimum differential pressure required for the PICV must be available at design flow.
  •         A metering station can be installed if additional flow verification is required by the witnessing authority.