Client: Techna Co. – 2012

Address: Tajrish Sq., Tehran, Iran

Project specifications: Arg shopping center is a comprehensive complex of various shops, leisure centers, food courts, and service shops such as car wash, all classified and situated through studies carried out by the designers of the project. The 5 commercial story global-standard-level building is located near Tajrish Sq. in Tehran. The major facilities which have brought up challenges to the HVAC engineers include:

  • Three 500 tons absorption chiller and 2 compression chillers
  • 25 air handling units with supply and return air, duct fan coil units used for HVAC of the public spaces, restaurants, meeting hall, and the amusement park.
  • Refrigerators over and below 0◦C for the restaurant in the basement.
  • Carwash and tune-up center
  • Lavatories in all commercial floors
  • Fire hazard and automatic extinguishment system in parking lots and commercial units
  • Wastewater treatment system
  • Roof garden
  • 2 diesel generators for backup power
  • Amusement park of 2893 m2
  • 3 cinemas
  • A restaurant of 2190 m2

Solution: The extensiveness and highly differnet space uses in a luxutious shopping center in uptown Tehran, which embraces upclass brand shops with thousands of visitors every day, imposes the vitality of a robust, stable, balanced, HVAC system that works autonomously and fault-free 7/24. With such an objective, we suggested and provided 152 pcs of pressure independent balancing and control valves (Frese OPTIMA Compact) for the project.

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