Fan Coil Unit Application

with PICV control


The room temperature is controlled by a controller connected to the PICV actuator.

The control can either be modulating or On/Off depending on the system layout.


  •         The PICV ensures balancing of the flow and eliminates the use of both static balancing valves and differential pressure control valves.
  •         Simple installation as only the PICV is required with no need for additional pressure or flow balancing valves.
  •         Low total pressure loss in the system due to simple design.
  •         The flow can be set directly on the PICV without the need of a manometer or a commissioning unit.
  •         The differential pressure only needs to be checked at the PICV placed at the index point, or at the end of every branch.


  •         A metering station can be placed on the branch if additional flow verification is required by the witnessing authority.
  •         The index valve will, in applications such as this with identical design and coil performance, be the one furthest from the pump, but it can be elsewhere in other layouts.

In theory, PT-plugs are only needed on the index PICV, but for commissioning and diagnostic purposes, it can be useful to have PTplugs on every valve